Podcast 005 Conscious Muscle Round 2

podcast005Due to overwhelming demand, this week Jordan David, Conscious Muscle, joins me for the second time with a BIG podcast where we discuss workouts, bulking, body dysmorphia, food disorders, recovery, performance enhancing drugs and bringing up kids on a vegan diet.

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Podcast 003 – Lizzi Shaw, Dorset Vegan

dorset-veganThis week I have the pleasure of talking with Lizzi Shaw, better known as Dorset Vegan.

Originally starting out on a personal quest to find more local vegan friendly places to eat out, Lizzi realised others were searching for the same information and began to actively promote local vegan friendly businesses under the Dorset Vegan brand.

Dorset Vegan now provides an online resource used by over 7,000 people and Lizzi actively works with local businesses to develop and promote their vegan provision to locals and tourists alike.

You can find out more about Dorset Vegan at

Website dorsetveganevents.co.uk

FB https://www.facebook.com/dorsetvegan

Twitter http://twitter.com/dorset_vegan


Podcast 002 – Macro Mitch


This week I meet professional free runner, coach, fitness model and vegan superstar chef Macro Mitch.

We talk about where his vegan journey began, fitness, nutrition and some of the delicious creations he puts together at Offbeet, where he works as an incredible vegan chef.

You can find out more about Macro Mitch on his website or social..

Website: http://macromitch.com/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/macromitch

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/macromitch

Podcast 001 – Welcome to the Vegan Body Coach Podcast

Welcome to the Vegan Body Coach podcast, where every couple of weeks I will interview experts from around the country to bring you the latest and most up to date vegan nutrition and exercise news. If you are confused about how to build muscle or lose fat on a vegan diet, or where to get your protein from, then tune in to discover new tips, important information and life changing discussions.

This week I discuss my history with diet, weight loss and veganism.